L' Abissiou, restaurant in Sables-d'Olonne


L'Abissiou, in Les Sables d'Olonne

Market menu



Depth menu

A 7-stage tour including only stops marked with an *.

190 €

Abyss menu

A 9-stage regatta to discover the chef's universe, with a single dessert based on the Beehive
(summer truffles will also be featured on this menu: with rabbit)

Saint Pierre,

cucumber, wasabi ice cream, gin & horseradish sauce


Marinated sardines from Saint Gille Croix de Vie,*

Cherry tomatoes, samphire,

tomato ice cream & tomato water condiment



fresh chickpeas, lemons with salt,

sea lettuce & lime sauce


Steamed abalone,

Osciètre caviar, abalone stomachs

as a condiment & beurre blanc emulsion


Meat confit, *

tetragonia, chanterelles, celtuce,

caper sauce & lacto-fermented fennel


Black-eyed rabbit, *

confit shoulders, saltimbocca with colonnata bacon,

seasoned saddle, zucchini & summer truffle coulis


Cheese *


Sweet interlude*


Peaches & fig leaves, *

osmosed peach, glazed, crunchy with maceron berries ,

fig leaf & maceron berry sauce


Sweetness of the hive,

honey & pollen


For the good functioning of the service, the menu is proposed for the whole table. Any modification will result in an additional cost.

Thank you for your understanding.

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